Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Paul Klee Kindergarten Cats and Warm, Organic Leaf Patterning

Kindergarten is learning about shapes and painting in their hand drawn lines. We studied Expressionist Swiss Artist, Paul Klee, and learned about his favorite cat named Bimbo.  After looking at Paul's 'Cat and Bird' painting we painted our own!

Fourth and fifth graders are learning about warm colors on the color wheel, organic lines from nature, patterns, symmetrical and asymmetrical patterning and backgrounds. This project covers all of these important concepts and gave students a chance to celebrate the beginning of autumn!

'BEYOND THE BORDER' Benefit Art Sale for Families of the Victims of Colorado City/ Hildale Flooding

Please come support our middle schoolers and purchase one of their paintings for a minimum donation of $10 each. Our students have been working hard to get these finished and sold so they can give the money to the mayor who will purchase a memorial bench with the names of the local families lost in the flood in September 2015.